Actually finishing a project

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Well for what seems to be the first time ever I may actually finish a project (its not I’ve finished games before).

It’s just a quick text adventure that I’ve only made to practice using the tools available to me, But I’m glad to have finished it and now I can get started on a new game and a full fledged text adventure game.


Feeling Stifled (I hope that’s how you spell it)


Last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to start a new project (and also get a proper job).

I’ve found myself being discouraged by the people around me and have found that i have always been around very negative people.

Maybe this is one of the reason’s I’ve suffered with depression this last 8 years. Anyway maybe I just need a change of environment. Just need to change my work space around. Right then off to Pintrest for ideas.


Hey Look, I remembered I had a Blog


I have Completely forgotten over the last few months that I actually started a blog up.

I suppose I should write on it.


Learning to Love (To cook)


Just recently I’ve discovered just how enjoyable it is to experiment with different ingredients.

We don’t have a lot to work with at the moment because of job situations, But we’ve been very lucky that our bad patch is almost over so that I can start playing around with more ingredients, But I know that for a lot of people there are still some tough times ahead and even though it may take longer then you think the good times will come.

Anyway back to food, ¬†I’ve been learning to create meals with what we have, But I’ve been getting help from other bloggers, In particular Jack Monroe (¬† who has come up with hundreds of recipes to feed you and your family even if you’re on a tight budget.

So go and check out her site and get some inspiration for yourself from this incredible person.