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A short review I wrote on Steep

For the longest while the only games I could really think of that involved any type of winter sport were Cool Boarders and SSX series and both of them seem to have fallen away and slowly getting forgot about. Yes the Winter Olympics put out a video game every 4 years but they’re really just a bunch of mini games, There hasn’t been a winter sports game out there until now.

Steep comes to us from Ubisoft Annecy and brings with it all the spills and thrills of throwing ones self down a mountain.

Now I know this is a little late but I’ve only just got my grubby little mitts on this so I’m putting up a review now.

Steep seems quite unique at first glance, not only giving us the stranded snowboarding but also skiing which is rarely seen in video game form, and Paragilding and wing suit flying which is normally reserved for the likes of Just Cause and its ilk.

Each sport takes place on the open world playground of the Alps and Denali (formally Mount McKinley). With events scattered among each ranges peaks there’s plenty to do, from races to gate challenges and Proximity flying, which if  I’m honest I found a pain in the ass.

Control wise its decidedly simple with pick up and play controls for anyone with a moderate amount of skill, but if you want to master Steep and get everything out of it then you’ll need to put the time and effort in.

Each sport feels different and as they should with things like snowboarding being a little more realistic than in things like SSX. Switching between them is nice and simple too and a nice crisp clean HUD is easy to navigate around.

As far as the game looks, Steep is simply beautiful with standing on top a peak looking out across the epic grandeur of the mountain before you all being presented with some cinematic flair and if you’re feeling daring there’s also a GoPro mode to let you throw yourself around in first person.

All that being said there is one big sweaty bug bear sitting on Steep and that is that its always online, with the game throwing you back to the main menu if your internet drops out which is quite maddening. If you can get past this then Steep is not a bad game at all and is worth a look if you can find it cheap.

Its probably worth a look for its visuals alone.

Jason ‘Voxie’ Tillotson 

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New Stuff

I’ve always wanted to write and to be honest it didn’t matter what I wrote, I just wanted to.

So I thought I’d start again on this blog, now I may not be very good what with spelling and sentence structure, but as someone once told me “the more you write the better you’ll get at it (Practice makes perfect)” so I’m giving it a go.

I’m going to try to post at least three times a week and try to keep to a schedule. These posts could be about anything really probably video games and just a slice of life. So anyway if anyone reads these things then great and if not it’s still all practice.

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