Time Machine: Stargate The Video Game

Video Games

This is a short reveiw ‘thing’ I wrote a few years back for a video game blog called Console Mash

Now I’m a big fan of the Stargate franchise (and Madness may even be its biggest fan). So when i found this whilst looking through the Internet Archive, I got very excited.

Based on the original movie, This game was released in 1995 by Acclaim for both the Sega Megadrive/Genesis and the Super Nintendo.

Its kind of a weird mash up between aside scrolling shooter and a platformer. The game follows the same plot points as the movie (save Abydos from the tyranny of Ra) but also creates a few new side quests such as find and collect missions as well.

Even though it hasn’t aged very well in terms of game play (it feels a bit clunky and most enemies seem to be lower then you can actually aim), It does still look very pretty, But if your a Stargate fan its a welcome addition to the franchise and seeing there are no other Stargate video games about apart for a cancelled MMO, A defunct third person shooter and an arcade machine which is actually a which is actually defender 2 and was released way before the movie Its kind of a must if youbare a video game and Stargate fan.

Hopefully the Reboot of the franchise that began planning in 2013 will bring us some more Stargate games to play, Lets just hope there good.


until next time stay safe and be good to each other.

Voxie Tillotson


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