Fire Pro Wrestling World (Early Access) A Quick Reveiw

Video Games

Its been about a decade since the last Fire Pro Wrestling (If we don’t count that poor excuse for a game on the 360) and the first released in the UK sheader

since the Game Boy Advance version came out in 2001 and I’m so glad its back.

Right before we get started this is in early access but don’t let that put you off there plenty here for the price.

So lets have a look. The game has kept its classic 2D arcade style game play whilst adding a lot of new moves and a new strike system that thankfully replaces the old test of strength system that was always a bit of a pain.

Fire Pro veteran’s maybe disappointed by the amount of customization options but new comers maybe overwhelmed by the sheer number of options that are available (I know that sounds a bit contradictory but its true).fire-pro-wrestling-world2

Spike have said that many more customization options are on there way when the full game comes out.

Speaking of new comers, there’s a fantastic new mode called mission mode that allows players to get to grip with the games controls. Mission mode allows to go through the slandered tutorial section as in most games nowadays but then presents you with a huge amount of missions to put your new found skills to the test.

Well there’s a very quick run down of Fire Pro Wrestling World as I said its still in early access but its still a fantastic game and a must for any wrestling fan.ss_71150391f0755da87ec9ebe29b89e218c4a64336.600x338

Anyway I’m not sure how to end this so……umm……. Bye Bye

Voxie Tillotson



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