I found photos

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Scanning through some old photos on my laptop I found a few from trips to Sweden, Finland and Russia.


Time Machine: Stargate The Video Game

Video Games

This is a short reveiw ‘thing’ I wrote a few years back for a video game blog called Console Mash

Now I’m a big fan of the Stargate franchise (and Madness may even be its biggest fan). So when i found this whilst looking through the Internet Archive, I got very excited.

Based on the original movie, This game was released in 1995 by Acclaim for both the Sega Megadrive/Genesis and the Super Nintendo.

Its kind of a weird mash up between aside scrolling shooter and a platformer. The game follows the same plot points as the movie (save Abydos from the tyranny of Ra) but also creates a few new side quests such as find and collect missions as well.

Even though it hasn’t aged very well in terms of game play (it feels a bit clunky and most enemies seem to be lower then you can actually aim), It does still look very pretty, But if your a Stargate fan its a welcome addition to the franchise and seeing there are no other Stargate video games about apart for a cancelled MMO, A defunct third person shooter and an arcade machine which is actually a which is actually defender 2 and was released way before the movie Its kind of a must if youbare a video game and Stargate fan.

Hopefully the Reboot of the franchise that began planning in 2013 will bring us some more Stargate games to play, Lets just hope there good.


until next time stay safe and be good to each other.

Voxie Tillotson

Fire Pro Wrestling World (Early Access) A Quick Reveiw

Video Games

Its been about a decade since the last Fire Pro Wrestling (If we don’t count that poor excuse for a game on the 360) and the first released in the UK sheader

since the Game Boy Advance version came out in 2001 and I’m so glad its back.

Right before we get started this is in early access but don’t let that put you off there plenty here for the price.

So lets have a look. The game has kept its classic 2D arcade style game play whilst adding a lot of new moves and a new strike system that thankfully replaces the old test of strength system that was always a bit of a pain.

Fire Pro veteran’s maybe disappointed by the amount of customization options but new comers maybe overwhelmed by the sheer number of options that are available (I know that sounds a bit contradictory but its true).fire-pro-wrestling-world2

Spike have said that many more customization options are on there way when the full game comes out.

Speaking of new comers, there’s a fantastic new mode called mission mode that allows players to get to grip with the games controls. Mission mode allows to go through the slandered tutorial section as in most games nowadays but then presents you with a huge amount of missions to put your new found skills to the test.

Well there’s a very quick run down of Fire Pro Wrestling World as I said its still in early access but its still a fantastic game and a must for any wrestling fan.ss_71150391f0755da87ec9ebe29b89e218c4a64336.600x338

Anyway I’m not sure how to end this so……umm……. Bye Bye

Voxie Tillotson


Starting a new

New Stuff

I’ve always wanted to write and to be honest it didn’t matter what I wrote, I just wanted to.

So I thought I’d start again on this blog, now I may not be very good what with spelling and sentence structure, but as someone once told me “the more you write the better you’ll get at it (Practice makes perfect)” so I’m giving it a go.

I’m going to try to post at least three times a week and try to keep to a schedule. These posts could be about anything really probably video games and just a slice of life. So anyway if anyone reads these things then great and if not it’s still all practice.

See you soon

Voxie Tillotson

Remembering SWOS

Video Games

Ah SWOS as its known to people who have played this great and wonderful game is one of the best football games ever made.

It had the easiest control scheme of any football game ever made, The PC version which I’am currently playing allows you to move your player using the directional keys and everything else was mapped to just one button, CTRL.

How is that possible? I hear you ask, Well dear reader I will tell you.

Depending on how hard you press the CTRL button your player would either pass the ball, lob the ball or shoot. If the ball was in the air the player would go for a header. If you didn’t have the ball the button would either switch control to different players or go for a slide tackle. Sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

The game also boasted a huge number of club and international teams and in a time before lawyers each of the 1’500 teams and 27,000 players had proper names.

If you havent already played this gem and if you fancy something

 a bit different from FIFA or PES then you owe it to yourself to go pick this up.

Its on Good Old Games for £3.89 GO GET IT.




Feeling Stifled (I hope that’s how you spell it)


Last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to start a new project (and also get a proper job).

I’ve found myself being discouraged by the people around me and have found that i have always been around very negative people.

Maybe this is one of the reason’s I’ve suffered with depression this last 8 years. Anyway maybe I just need a change of environment. Just need to change my work space around. Right then off to Pintrest for ideas.


Learning to Love (To cook)


Just recently I’ve discovered just how enjoyable it is to experiment with different ingredients.

We don’t have a lot to work with at the moment because of job situations, But we’ve been very lucky that our bad patch is almost over so that I can start playing around with more ingredients, But I know that for a lot of people there are still some tough times ahead and even though it may take longer then you think the good times will come.

Anyway back to food,  I’ve been learning to create meals with what we have, But I’ve been getting help from other bloggers, In particular Jack Monroe ( agirlcalledjack.com) who has come up with hundreds of recipes to feed you and your family even if you’re on a tight budget.

So go and check out her site and get some inspiration for yourself from this incredible person.